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Producent saun fińskich

Finnish saunas, External steam rooms and infrared saunas production from Poland

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Company Wellnessland was founded as a response to increasing demands in the field of Finnish saunas, infrared saunas and steam rooms. Our products are of the highest quality. Basis for ours products are technology and equipment of the Finnish company Harvia. They have an European certificates of quality. We are preparing saunas for investors and for the individual clients.

Thanks to our high qualified employees, designers and engineers we are able to create for you place to relax and health care. In our offer there are also ready-made model of saunas of Finnish company Harvia.

The client is most important to us

Each order is important for us in the same level, no matter of its size. We have individual approach to each of the orders. We are caring for details, so sauna exactly meets our customer's expectations. Saunas Wellnessland - it's not just the ease and simplicity. They differ from other saunas in unique design.

We offer you full service

We know how valuable is our customer time, so we offer a complete solution:
Rooms measurement intended for saunas assembly;
Implementation of the project draft and offer prices (draft's prepared individually according to your needs and respond to your expectations)
Assistance in choosing the best solution according to your needs;
Delivery of products to the place of assembly;
Assembling and verify the operation of saunas;
Constant contact and service. We will send you answer for any questions you ask regarding the use of the sauna;
Quality products guarantee your satisfaction;

Taking care of your health and satisfaction we offer the highest quality products, with European attests and certificates. Don't save your money on health, therefore we don't offer replacement and cheap, unproven solutions for our saunas, which can injure you.

Only the highest quality products and professional service will allow you to fell best advantage of the health and recreation qualities of our products.

ready cabins to order - Finnish saunas

Producent saun fińskichAt the offer of the Finnish sauna we have ready cabins to order. Models ready to order is perfect solution for finished houses and buildings. It can also be place for those who do not have a separate room for a sauna. Available models ready cabins: Variant, Rondium and Rubic. Each model is simple and easy to install. They can do unique home spa.

Make your own project of saunas according to your taste.

Here are some ideas created for different requirements and tastes. In each cabin its own character and soul. This will help you feel good and relaxed and care health of you and your loved ones. In addition to the proposed project, we can prepare new order at the request of customers. Our knowledge allows us to make a sauna which care for your health and relaxation.

Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich

Bathroom saunas

Producent saun fińskichThe perfect solution for small spaces.

We offer you brand new, high quality product. Harvia Bathroom Saunas are designed for small rooms. They can be installed in rooms with increased humidity. The wall elements have resistant to water, humidity and temperature changes. Waterproof sidewall can be used as a shower wall.

Available models of bathroom saunas are Sirius, Capella, and Capella Dual. We offer Models in different sizes. There is also the possibility of making saunas on order. Installation of taht kind of saunas takes a few hours.

Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich

External saunas

Producent saun fińskichExternal saunas Harvia it is a real pleasure of using the Finnish sauna. In a sauna you can really feel the open air on your skin. You have to try this one! For long centuries in Finland sauna was in single outside building. Because of this it has had an extraordinary character.

Now you to can feel yourself like a original Finnish sauna. We have two models to the selection of saunas - Kuikka and Keitele.

No matter what the stove will be in your sauna - traditional wooden or simple in use - electric, nature sauna is still great.

External saunas are delivered in more packs than home saunas. In packs are necessary items like wooden roof with fixing elements and, depending on the choice, wooden burning stove with a chimney or electric.

Near the swimming pool, in the garden or in the middle of the forest exterior sauna ensures you quiet and relax.

Infrared saunas - steam rooms

Producent saun fińskichThanks to an infrared cabin, you can fully relax in any moment of the day. Source of warm comes from infrared radiators, - direct thermal radiation that make dry waves with suitable length. They can heal. It is similar to the sun's heat. After the session in the infrared sauna you will feel a full relaxation.

Other benefits of infrared sauna is - improved blood circulation, enhanced immunity, easing muscle pain, reduce stress, relax for the body and mind.

The design of the infrared cabin is not different from that of the Finnish sauna. You can choose all kinds of insides available on our website.

Producent saun fińskich Producent saun fińskich

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